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What makes us special?


Since 1995 we are succesfully hunting for better candidates from small to midsize companys, from international players up to organisations of the public sectors.


We stand for serious and reliable partnerships.

Side by side with our customers, being engaged in various business and social networks, we care for decades lasting relationships.


The optimal mix of traditionell and new methodes of recruitment like Active Sourcing and Executive Search in combination with Intelligent Recruitment Process Outsourcing (iRPO) makes the difference. For us, "Digital Transformation" is state of the art.

Welcome to the “True North”

More than a mere business location, Schleswig-Holstein cuts a convincing figure due to its geographical location as a transport hub at the heart of Europe, globally successful Mittelstand (small to mid-sized businesses), strong future-proof industries and busy science and research sector. After work entrepreneurs and employees find the ideal preconditions for an optimal work-life balance in line with their particular lifestyle. Two seas, wide horizons and untouched countryside are just as much a typical feature of Schleswig-Holstein as are its urban centres and leisure activities – cultural or culinary highlights and sports or wellness facilities. Put simply, this state has everything.