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How much does Recruiting cost?

This question probably occupies everyone who is engaged in the search for personnel. From a RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner perspective, we want to use this analysis to create transparency that is often unknown in companies. This is not just because recruiter usually does not wish to show their hand.

Even corporate personals often can not (or do not want to) give specific details about what it costs to fill a job, campaign, or overall recruitment in the organization. If these data are not meticulously worked out, all other expense assumptions are based on estimates. This is a very bad condition to measure progress and improvements.

It depends on...

... on what everything is counted and what effort is left out. Frequently disregarded working hours to serve all processes. These range from the determination of needs, the formulation of the requirement to the recruitment of the candidates. In between there are e.g. job postings that need to be layouted, matched and disseminated, calls from applicants who want to know if jobs are still open, document review, interviews, selection and many more.


An objective analysis requires a definition of the parameters in advance

All positions listed below require time spent by trained professionals and / or resources in the respective fields (HR, IT, Marketing ...). This is independent of whether internal (employees) or external specialists (headhunters, RPO partners ...) are working.


Cost and quality-related expenses...

... which were taken into account in the following list up to 100% and calculated accordingly.

  1. Operation, customization of an application management system with 24/7 access for applicants, decision makers, processors
  2. Protecting the company from computer viruses embedded in application emails
  3. Illustration / proof of all requirements acc. ยง28 EU-GDPR
  4. Definition of staffing projects in an application management system and assignment of rights
  5. Formulation and design of job advertisements
  6. Dissemination of job advertisements on online and offline markets including switching costs
  7. Acceptance of applications, acknowledgment of receipt within 24 hours
  8. Standardization of the application according to customer specifications (a single PDF, alt. Specific information)
  9. Operation of a candidate hotline
  10. Ser. Communication with applicants such as acceptance notices, queries, interim notices, invitations, cancellations
  11. Coordination / moderation of the internal decision makers involved in the project
  12. Active Sourcing
  13. Possibly. Coordination / integration of third party service providers for ACs, graphic designers, copywriters, interviewers
  14. Project-accompanying advice and, if necessary, escalations
  15. Comprehensive reporting / development of numerous KPIs
  16. Adaptation of the system and maintenance
  17. Expenses, coordination of travel expenses of applicants