Instant Contact

Team + Technology = Recruitment Success

We are qualified specialists in different areas of expertise, working independently, always in constant contact and close consultation with each other. In regular team meetings, we analyze complex recruitment cases and develop new solutions, when other methods have not been successful.

Social media, -targeting, viral marketing, SEO-technologies and big data software are gamechangers in the recruiting business. We know our technology, but are always on the lookout for new trends and digital directions. That way, we always reach numerous potential candidates that might have slipped past us previously. Consequent application of IT technology is our key.

The consistent interaction of our team and IT-technology makes the difference. Our success story? We combine a modern take on future-oriented HR competence, business strategies, coordinated organization and IT know-how. To stay on top of the competition, we are constantly striving for progress.

Andreas Nowak

"Active Sourcing produces almost no scatter losses compared to passive recruitment methods like multiposting."

First of all, I define the right data sources like XING, LinkedIn, etc. Next step is the identification of suitable candidates and making a first contact. As an Bacelor student, I know what is important in the selection process.

Claudia Krenz

"Successful companies provide a high degree of traceability and transparency, especially in billing issues."

As assistant to the management, I have been managing financial accounting since 2004, making the invoices and answering all our customers' questions about business management.

Dirk Lonnemann

"10 years later it will be quite normal for any HR department to work together with its RPO-partner. It is comparable to the relation of a shipment service provider to the internal logistics department."

Founder and CEO of FEL GmbH. In addition to his experience in HR-environment, he has a deep knowledge of IT technologies. On the private side, he is engaged to link people between Kiel and San Francisco as a member of "The Bay Areas e.V." and a competitive IRONMAN triathlete.

Fotina Kohliaridou

"MultiPosting means that job advertisements are displayed in as many locations as possible by the targeted use of (IT) technology."

As a student of business management with an emphasis on organization and human resources, I primarily support our team in the field of MultiPosting in the recruitment of dedicated qualified candidates. I am also actively involved in ActivSourcing. The challenge of active sourcing is perfectly fitting candidate profiles for our customers.

Janine Muxal

"With ActiveSourcing I target suitable candidates who could not be addressed via passive recruitment."

As a passionate internet surfer, I enjoy identifying and addressing candidates for our customer's requirements. Most of the candidates are glad that they were provided with suitable vacations only. This should be mandatory for each recruiter from my point of view.

Jasmin Paura

„The formula of success for Multiposting: Relevant job posting sites, social media and precisely fitted targeting make the difference.”

SEO, social ads, targeting, phrasing your job ad – or just something with “new media” in general? We’re on it! As a Multiposting expert, I launch and oversee individual spreading campaigns for your job ad, always making sure that there is enough organic and paid reach. That way you will always meet your desired target audience. Thanks to my PR- and communication science studies as well as my practical experience in Online Marketing, I ensure the best media selection possible when it comes to all recruiting channels out there.

Jutta Weber

"Within CustomerService, a deferential and respectful contact with the applicants and customers is essential at any time."

As Magistra Artium of philosophy, psychology and pedagogics and as a graduate in business administration as well, I combine the analytical and empathic skills needed to meet the connection between applicants and customers. I have an open ear for the small and large concerns of my clients and I am happy when I can gain their smile.

Pietro D'Agnelli

"Recognizing the needs of the clients and developing solutions are the foundations for every successful projects."

As a generalist and human interface, I am the first contact for customers and the team. I am responsible from AcquisitionManagement to customer relationship management.

Vanessa Schuppert

"Application handling has a whole new meaning in the age of viruses and trojans."

Every month we get emails with fraudulent attachments, e.g. trojans (viruses). The usage of multiple anti-virus programs and routine in dealing with threats help us to protect ourselves and our customers. For this, we convert all applications into a single PDF file, which is fast and easy to view and is virus-free.