You want to know what matters?

Why do I see job offers from different employers on your website? Who is posting these job ads?
As an Outsourcing partner, we oversee our clients‘s application management systems. Job listings on our website reflect the same listed positions you‘ll find on our clients’s career websites. The hiring decision rests exclusively with our clients as they have online access to your application.
How can I be sure that the position is still open?
All of the listed positions on our job bulletin board are open. Filled positions are deleted from our board immediately.
The hiring date doesn‘t suit me – it’s too late/too early. What to do?
Generally, starting dates can be pushed back or moved up for qualified candidates. So even if you’re unsure about the hiring date, please do send us your application in any case and we’ll see what we can do.
What information is required to complete a job application?
We can process your application faster if you provide a cover letter, CV including a current photo and credentials (e.g. certificates and diplomas, references, letters of recommendation).
Online application vs. e-mail application
Applying online is the fastest way to the position. You will receive an automatic confirmation including your login data immediately after submitting your application, giving you 24 hour access to your documents. You can change or supplement them any time you like, any way you want. Email applications are also welcome. You will receive your confirmation email within 24 hours (during business hours, Monday to Friday). To make the import of your data easier, we kindly ask you to refrain from encrypting your documents. Thank you very much!
DATA PROTECTION | What happens to my personal data after the job posting has expired?
That’s entirely for you to decide! You will receive a privacy statement concerning your data, either after applying online or via e-mail. Here, you can determine what happens to your documents.
You can submit your data
  • for this position only (usually required)
  • to be added to our in-house talent pool (option 1)
  • to be added to the „HR-Partner“ talent pool (option 2)
If you wish, we can delete your job application data any time.
I don’t know if the position is right for me. Can I call and ask about the job?
Even if you describe your professional career over the phone, it’s very difficult for us to spontaneously determine whether this is a good fit or not. Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit your application files beforehand, so we get an idea of your talents and achievements. Thank you very much!

Do you still have questions or would like more information? Please do not hesitate to call us: (+49) 431-64775-50.