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Team + Technology = Recruitment Success

We are qualified specialists in different areas of expertise, working independently, always in constant contact and close consultation with each other. In regular team meetings, we analyze complex recruitment cases and develop new solutions, when other methods have not been successful.

Social media, -targeting, viral marketing, SEO-technologies and big data software are gamechangers in the recruiting business. We know our technology, but are always on the lookout for new trends and digital directions. That way, we always reach numerous potential candidates that might have slipped past us previously. Consequent application of IT technology is our key.

The consistent interaction of our team and IT-technology makes the difference. Our success story? We combine a modern take on future-oriented HR competence, business strategies, coordinated organization and IT know-how. To stay on top of the competition, we are constantly striving for progress.

Alena Conrad

Alena Conrad

"I find the missing piece of the puzzle for your company."

As a member of the Active Sourcing team, I try to put myself in the client's position as best as possible in order to generate the optimal applicants*. In doing so, I particularly enjoy the subject areas of my two academic courses, Business & Law.

Anastasia Bogdanova

"Should your company miss out on digital marketing, be prepared to miss out on good candidates as well."

My missions are as diverse as marketing itself. Whether it's design, search engine optimization, community management or website creation, my work puts expert skill at your disposal. Thanks to my expertise and creative vision, I create effective solutions for your needs.

Annika Frutig

Annika Frutig

The love between genius and madness is my productive force.

As the strategic team leader online marketing, I see with open eyes what is in front of my feet. I precisely identify the individual needs of our customers and support them with targeted, precisely fitting online marketing strategies. For internal project marketing, I am always happy to provide advice and support to my team and colleagues. My greatest strengths are new technologies, the competent use of these, as well as the further development of established technologies.

Bennet Bosesky

"In order to address the lack of qualified personnel, we need creative and modern solutions."

And that's where I bring my expertise into play: As a certified banker as well as an aspiring business economist (BSc), I have broad know-how which enables me to utilize our cutting-edge recruiting systems effectively. Furthermore, drawing on my experience in playing soccer, I possess the necessary sensitivity for assembling teams - thus finding ideal new members for them.

Caroline Carlsen

Caroline Carlsen

"Supporting you in both word and deed every day and providing you with the best possible consultation is my concern".

My experience as a trained office manager is of great benefit to my daily work in Customer Service: not only am I a true organizational talent, but I also always have an eye on the optimal measures for circulating your vacancies. Together, we fill your vacancy promptly and cost-effectively.