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RPO Top 10 firms | Who is leading in Europe?

On their way to investigate firms in Europe offering RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing services the leading American  "HR-Tech Outlook" magazín met FEL. They wanted to know anything about our processes and services, and finally they put us on their list of the top 10 Europe RPO firms.

Read here what their investigation was about and how FEL succeeds.

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Recruitment - Reconsidered

Through the single-page profile, our aim is to allow the readers, our prospective clients, and business partners to develop a thorough understanding of FEL and its unique value proposition in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) space.  The profile will illustrate the functionality of your services, along with insights into the strengths, vision, culture and a roadmap of the company.

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Recruitment in large corporations

What does digital change mean for recruitment in large corporations?

How can large corporations maximize their performance in recruiting and gain flexibility in challenging economic forecasts?

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Application management as "Shared Service" for groups and corporations

The advantages are obvious: A centralized application management brings many advantages. Cost advantages are only one important part.

Are there also disadvantages to consider?

Case study:
A master car mechanic with a family is looking for a job in his region somewhere in Schleswig-Holstein. The master craftsman has a family and is therefore only mobile within a radius of 50 km.

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Recruiting and General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

A lot has already been written about the new data protection basic regulation. From May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR will come into force and regulate the handling of personal data in a binding manner for companies and organizations of all sizes. The new data protection basic regulation thus has a direct influence on recruitment. It sets limits and standards for the processing of applicant data (i.e. collection, recording, organisation, order, storage, adaptation or modification,

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