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BPO is a well known method to get rid of inefficient business task whenever scaling is impossible because of low counts, insufficient staff, know-how, etc.


We as RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider do have the high numbers, all the experience and any fancy tools for hiring the best candidates in an appropriate time frame at low cost. We split the whole recruitment process into pieces, build departments and manage any needed task for hiring.

We would like to thank our partners - job exchanges and job markets - for their good cooperation in multiposting.

Our Multiposting places your advertisements on different job exchanges and in many print media simultaneously and automatically.
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Important note:

Despite constant efforts to keep the information up to date, FEL GmbH cannot guarantee that the job portals, job and job exchanges, job search engines and portal partners listed here will always remain the same. The selection may change due to market conditions. FEL GmbH cannot/will not guarantee that every job advertisement will be published at all times on all listed portals or with portal partners of our media partners. The selection and publication of job advertisements is the sole responsibility of the Multiposting Partners. FEL also cannot guarantee that, for example, crawlers will find job advertisements in the network and forward them to other web portals for publication.