FEL carries out a pre-selection of applications according to hard specifications, designs personality tests with a selection group online and via video interview, creates reports of selected candidates and, if desired, accompanies or moderates the selection interviews in the companies.



  • Considerable time/cost savings due to advance
  • Systematic personality tests according to scientific standards
  • Objectification of the selection process



  • Pre-selection (according to professional, hard parameters)
  • Online personality test, video interviews afterwards (optional)
  • Accompaniment / moderation of the selection interviews in the company


You decide which modules for the selection process should be provided by FEL.

A pre-selection / preselect is a simple and quickly effective measure to save you from having to examine dozens of applications. If obviously necessary skills such as languages or leadership experience are not evident, they will be sorted out in advance and you will not be confronted with the applications. You determine the criteria in advance with your HR partner.

Personality tests provide information about the candidate's sociability, i.e. diligence, stamina, dominance and ability to work in a team. A report summarizes the candidate's statements and lists interview questions for the job interview. Optionally, your HR partner can conduct a video interview and question the answers. A report on this is attached to the application documents.

We also accompany and/or moderate selection interviews in your company on request. This gives you a third, independent opinion and enables you to make objective decisions about hiring applicants.