Dirk Lonnemann

"An RPO partner will be just as much a standard for HR departments as a commissioned carrier is for logistics departments today."

Founder and CEO of FEL GmbH. In addition to his experience in HR-consulting, he has a deep knowledge of IT technologies. On the private side, he is engaged to link people between Kiel and San Francisco as a co-founder of "The Bay Areas e.V." and a competitive IRONMAN triathlete.

Fayez Hammoudeh

"The shortage of qualified professionals demands innovative digital solutions. Our expertise and tools are precisely geared towards this.

In my role as a working student in web development and a dedicated computer science student at FEL GmbH, I leverage my passion for technology and my academic education to develop innovative web applications. My goal is to make a contribution to the digital world through creative solutions. With a solid technical knowledge base and strong team orientation, I aim to further enhance my skills and drive digital innovations forward."

Harald Poppner

Harald Poppner

"Smart City Recruitment and Smart City Jobs, your recruiting-central for the public sector!"We offer public sector clients innovative recruiting solutions that streamline their hiring process, from job posting and candidate management to selection. This frees up your time and resources! Learn with us how smart recruiting can help you fill positions in a GDPR-compliant and simple way.

Jutta Weber

"Within CustomerService, a deferential and respectful contact with the applicants and customers is essential at any time."

As Magistra Artium of philosophy, psychology and pedagogics and as a graduate in business administration as well, I combine the analytical and empathic skills needed to meet the connection between applicants and customers. I have an open ear for the small and large concerns of my clients and I am happy when I can gain their smile.

Marc-Lennart Thiele

"Due to the current shortage of skilled workers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and organizations to find candidates with precisely the skills they need."

Here at FEL, we have made it our mission to combat this issue by utilizing contemporary search procedures in combination with direct contact methods that assess not only aptitudes and certifications but also individual character traits. With my background in political science and philosophy I am dedicated towards unlocking people's potentials so as provide solutions which meet your requirements perfectly.