Instant Contact

Team + Technology = Recruitment Success

We are qualified specialists in different areas of expertise, working independently, always in constant contact and close consultation with each other. In regular team meetings, we analyze complex recruitment cases and develop new solutions, when other methods have not been successful.

Social media, -targeting, viral marketing, SEO-technologies and big data software are gamechangers in the recruiting business. We know our technology, but are always on the lookout for new trends and digital directions. That way, we always reach numerous potential candidates that might have slipped past us previously. Consequent application of IT technology is our key.

The consistent interaction of our team and IT-technology makes the difference. Our success story? We combine a modern take on future-oriented HR competence, business strategies, coordinated organization and IT know-how. To stay on top of the competition, we are constantly striving for progress.

Frederica Schmiedel

Frederica Schmiedel

"Your satisfaction in finding suitable candidates (m/f/d) is my highest priority."

I look forward to the exchange with clients and applicants every day. Always having an open ear for your concerns, solving problems in a goal-oriented manner and leading your personnel search to success with innovative ideas - that is my daily business.

Jutta Weber

"Within CustomerService, a deferential and respectful contact with the applicants and customers is essential at any time."

As Magistra Artium of philosophy, psychology and pedagogics and as a graduate in business administration as well, I combine the analytical and empathic skills needed to meet the connection between applicants and customers. I have an open ear for the small and large concerns of my clients and I am happy when I can gain their smile.

Kathleen Hinrichsen

Kathleen Hinrichsen

"Holistic, proactive marketing of your vacancies saves costs and ensures timely filling".

As a trained businesswoman for office communication, I not only have a good general overview in everyday life as a member of Online Marketing, but also take care of the precisely fitting application or placement of your job advertisements. In this way, I make sure that your vacancy stands out from the competition in the "war of talents" through precisely tailored measures and that it is filled promptly.

Laslo Wanger

Laslo Wanger

"Smart City Recruitment and Smart City Jobs are my passion to support the public sector."

I specialize in recruitment for the public sector and drive Smart City Recruitment and the digitalization of recruitment processes for public employers with new ideas. Here, my experience from Public Sector Consulting and Strategy Consulting helps me. So much about me off the court. On the pitch, I am a passionate soccer player.

Lena Karen Langer

Lena Langer

"With a combination of sound expertise and empathy, I help you fill your vacancies in a timely manner."

My daily concern as an employee in Customer Service is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with comprehensive support and custom-fit service. As a trained educator, it is very important to me to be a good contact person for you and your concerns at all times, also on a human level, in order to lay the foundation for a long-term, successful cooperation.