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Team + Technology = Recruitment Success

We are qualified specialists in different areas of expertise, working independently, always in constant contact and close consultation with each other. In regular team meetings, we analyze complex recruitment cases and develop new solutions, when other methods have not been successful.

Social media, -targeting, viral marketing, SEO-technologies and big data software are gamechangers in the recruiting business. We know our technology, but are always on the lookout for new trends and digital directions. That way, we always reach numerous potential candidates that might have slipped past us previously. Consequent application of IT technology is our key.

The consistent interaction of our team and IT-technology makes the difference. Our success story? We combine a modern take on future-oriented HR competence, business strategies, coordinated organization and IT know-how. To stay on top of the competition, we are constantly striving for progress.

Vanessa Schuppert

"Application handling has a whole new meaning in the age of viruses and trojans."

Every month we get emails with fraudulent attachments, e.g. trojans (viruses). The usage of multiple anti-virus programs and routine in dealing with threats help us to protect ourselves and our customers. For this, we convert all applications into a single PDF file, which is fast and easy to view and is virus-free.