Marc-Lennart Thiele

"Due to the current shortage of skilled workers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and organizations to find candidates with precisely the skills they need."

Here at FEL, we have made it our mission to combat this issue by utilizing contemporary search procedures in combination with direct contact methods that assess not only aptitudes and certifications but also individual character traits. With my background in political science and philosophy I am dedicated towards unlocking people's potentials so as provide solutions which meet your requirements perfectly.

Nadine Pfeifer

Nadine Pfeifer

In Customer Service, we are the link between the client base, the candidate pool and the expert teams at FEL GmbH. Successful recruiting projects, based on an excellent strategy, are our passion.

As a multi-experienced company all-rounder and studied project management economist, I look ahead with our clients. We develop an optimal recruiting strategy, individually and tailor-made by FEL expert teams, to ensure a perfect fit and rapid staffing. Modern, intelligent and IT-based, we always keep our eye on the trends for the success of effective recruiting projects.

Rebecca Stellmacher

"A prompt and respectful communication with applicants reflects the professionalism of the employer." 

During the application process, I want to give applicants a good feeling so that they don't feel on their own. It is not self-evident that an applicant is interested in the company and wants to make it a part of his life. I try to communicate this through regular status updates or information on the general recruiting process.

Sarah Denker

"An appealing job advertisement lays the foundation for successful recruiting"

As a Master of Arts in Romance languages and literature with work experience in content marketing & management and Social Media, I have the ability to address your target group most efficiently. For this purpose I promote open vacancies with an grafically and textually appealing job advertisement. Furthermore, as a member of the Online-Marketing department, I also find suitable ways for its propagation.

Silas Roßner

"In today's ever-evolving society, the job market is constantly being shaped and transformed. To stay ahead of the game, effective communication skills are crucial."

Let me be your partner in identifying any obstacles you may face and working together to overcome them until you're completely satisfied with the outcome! As someone who values individuality above all else due to my experience as a sociologist and educator at Active Sourcing, I understand that there's more than just a resume behind every candidate - let me help bring out your unique strengths for success in this dynamic world.