At the latest when advertisements were placed and too few applications were received or when a covert search for candidates becomes necessary, ActiveSourcing or a direct approach (core of every headhunting campaign) comes into consideration.


How to do it

Experienced recruiters specifically address suitable candidates in social networks and CV databases.



  • Cost-effective increase in success of advertising campaigns
  • Low scattering losses
  • Direct feedback on the impact of your advertisement
  • Transparent documentation including name lists
    Candidates react (better)
  • Candidate lists/feedbacks are evaluated and serve to adapt the advertisement
  • The advertising campaign that was thought to be lost can be completed positively with a cast - still within the budget
  • Expensive headhunting campaigns become superfluous
  • Compact unit, fast results


What makes us special?

An essential prerequisite for successful ActiveSourcing is the access to databases containing data records of candidates. LinkedIn and XING are the most popular, but there are many other candidate databases such as GitHub, Stack Overlow, Stepstone etc. Access for recruiters is only available with paid licenses. FEL has the licenses and uses them effectively and around the clock to limit the costs per address. Scaling is the keyword here.

We have our own AS team, an ActiveSourcing department, which specializes in the direct approach of candidates. All team members are experts, focusing on the use of proven tools and constantly testing new software to achieve the best results.

The results of the tests are summarized, published in an internal AS-Team WiKi and the relevance for specific tasks is added. Thus, an AS-Team specialist can always draw on the knowledge of his colleagues for his projects and make the most effective approach to the most suitable databases.

All AS projects are monitored, analysed and visualised via Power BI. Our customers have access to this and thus gain a deep insight into the work of the AS specialists.