The work begins with the placement of a job advertisement online or in print media. Candidates read the advertisement, weigh up whether they should apply, inquire by telephone whether an application would be worthwhile and then send their documents, whose receipt they want to have confirmed promptly.

A professional workflow with an application management system guides the applicant through the procedure, sorts out the unsuitable candidates at an early stage, and summarizes the information for submission to the persons responsible in the company.

This requires a professional application management system (BMS) and a specialist who organizes the process in an application process workflow. This is the only way to ensure that the candidate is informed promptly and throughout the entire application process and that he or she feels that he or she is in good hands, apart from being suitable or unsuitable for the job.



We operate and guarantee a professional work sequence of all steps of the application process and are the first contact person for applicants, acting on behalf of our clients.

This includes:

  • Entry of the applicant data into the HR-Partner BMS system
  • Operation of the applicant hotline with separate telephone number
  • Acknowledgement of receipt for the application
  • Pre-selection
  • Forwarding to clients
  • Appointment management for job interviews
  • Interim notifications and rejection management
  • Candidates Feedback

FEL masters all steps professionally, has the appropriate technical infrastructure for online and print applications as well as the trained team and offers you the application handling as an extended workbench of your HR department.

We work in our own or in the application management systems hosted by customers, often as a supplement to the internal team, in order to absorb peak loads or compensate for failures.