Outstanding experts and managers are the achievers who significantly affect the future of every company. They are marked by particular know-how, elevated devotion, high mobility, and above-average salary prospects. (at least € 100,000 p.a.)




In order to effectively detect and approach these type of employees we provide an Executive Search service. 

This service includes the following measures:

  1. Detailed face-to-face discussions with the participation of the future superior/senior management, the HR advisor and FEL to precisely define the job characteristics.
  2. Phrasing and adoption of a customised job description
  3. Determination of research criteria and drafting of a list of target firms
  4. Initial search, selection of relevant candidate databases and media
  5. Posting of job descriptions using the selected online and print media
  6. Database-search for and direct contact to potential candidates via email and telephone
  7. Professional application process management (confirmations, scheduling, status quo notice, and refusal handling)
  8. Intensive examination of CVs, selection of suitable candidates
  9. Appointment management, face-to-face interviews at the FEL office, video interviews in exceptional cases
  10. Establishment of a "polarity profile" (matching of requirements and facts, forwarding of the application documents to the client)
  11. Scheduling of interviews for/with the client
  12. Attendance of candidate´s interviews at the client´s premises
  13. Negotiation of contracts, dates, etc on request
  14. Re-run of steps 3-13 until the vacancy is filled

FEL sucessfully realized hundreds of executive search projects since 1997 in nearly any branch. In the beginning of each project FEL executive consultants build up a team with executive recruiters. They figure out the branches and the environment where to look for ideal candidates and soon later they start targeting. Any task is transparent and will be reported directly to our customers.

Please ask us for references for our Executive Search activities in your field of business or for specific positions.