Beyond the visible description of the job content with image and text, an "intelligent" job ad for the online area offers important functions and contains elements that significantly increase effectiveness. This leads to greater outreach in terms of more contacts and higher acceptance in order to attract interested candidates for an employment application. In addition, an intelligent job ad is an effective basis for successful employee referral programs.

What makes an "intelligent" job ad so special?

  1. Visual and textual design perfectly aligned with the target group.
  2. Dynamic integration on homepage / career website, e.g. via XML stream, always up-to-date
  3. Basic MultiPosting, e.g. on Google for Jobs
    ("RichText" or "Structured Data")
  4. Tools for effective employee recommendation Sharer f. Social Networks (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook)
  5. Target group specific application procedures via form, email, WhatsApp, Xing, ...
  6. Integration of further info sources like video links, chatbot, PDF version for download, ...
  7. Integration of any existing and DSGVO-compliant application management systems


  • Investment in expensive technology is not necessary
  • Existing (application management) systems can be seamlessly integrated
  • Fast integration on websites
  • The "i" job ad spreads automatically, e.g. on Google
  • Applicants can additionally be reached through new channels (e.g. employee referral programs)