Which company does not know that?
Personnel search consumes time and money

  • for the selection of suitable search paths, e.g. job exchanges
  • processing of incoming applications
  • selection of the right applicants
  • as well as for cancellations of unsuccessful applicants


There are plenty of sources of error

  • The ads are not read because the wrong media / search methods have been selected
  • Applications are not received to the necessary extent
  • Candidates drop out because they have better job offers or because it takes too long for them
  • Applications are lost
  • Applicants will receive late or no confirmation of acceptance or interim notifications.
  • The process is delayed because internal employees do not have enough time to process the applications (many telephone enquiries, illness, vacation time, ...).
  • Candidates drop out because the process takes too long
  • The selection falls on the wrong candidates
  • Disappointing applicants give bad scores on applicant portals
  • Headhunters are purchased at high cost


Although recruiting is not a core task of the searching companies, it has nevertheless (inevitably) in many enterprises a high value (budget), because "business simply does not go without the right employees".

What are the alternatives?

  1. Assignment of subtasks of the employee search to specialized service providers
  2. Outsourcing of recruiting (different service levels possible)

to 1.
This is common practice in many companies. For job advertisements, there is a service provider who designs and places ads. At the same time, the company searches for job advertisements on its own website. The processing of the applications is accomplished in the own enterprise and in the follow-up a headhunter is occupied.

to 2.
Outsourcing the recruiting process is a consistent step to avoid mistakes (e.g. selection of job markets, not optimal application handling, ...), to relieve own employee resources and to reduce the "time to hire", the project duration.
Your outsourcing partner has the specialist knowledge to search (method selection, job marketing, BigData tools, IT deployment, ..), avoids delays and helps to reduce costs. 
Outsourcing is possible at any depth. The spectrum ranges from the pure supply of candidates and the associated administration (assessment) as a preliminary stage of your own personnel work to active sourcing with subsequent qualified personnel selection.

Alternative costings

for "own recruiting", "allocation of subtasks" and "outsourcing" result in clear statements in 95% of all cases: 
Outsourcing is hard to beat. Quality, costs and process duration benefit considerably. 

  • For smaller companies (1-5 hires p.a.), the advantages of quality (more applicants, better quality of the process, project duration) predominate.
  • Medium-sized companies (5-50 settings p.a.) benefit from quality, time, costs in all areas.
  • Larger companies (> 50 hires p.a.) benefit from the decreasing headcount and above all from the cost-side optimization potential.

Obstacles in companies for the decision

  1. Ignorance about outsourcing in detail
  2. The feeling of not being able to do without an important competence, one's own recruiting

Only detailed knowledge can help here. FEL provides you with comprehensive information and calculates alternatives individually for your company so that you have a good basis for decision-making and a good template.