What does digital change mean for recruitment in large corporations?

How can large corporations maximize their performance in recruiting and gain flexibility in challenging economic forecasts?

There is no doubt: Digital change affects all areas of companies, including recruitment!

Keywords like #Scaling, #BigData, #KI, #SEO, #Bots, #JobCrawler #SocialMediaSpreader #GoogleforJobs have all been heard before. These are techniques and tools that can make important contributions to recruitment, as far as you know them, have access to them (licenses) and can use them.

Recruitment includes the #employer brand or the #employer brand, #job marketing, #communication with applicants and prospects, and the selection of suitable candidates via #AccessmentCenter #diagnostics.

If you organise everything and assign headings to it, you will meet a wide variety of requirements.

Recruitment Tasks
Required skill
incl. EmployerBranding
Creatives  **
Job advertizing, Online Marketing IT-Specialists  *****
Active Sourcing Semiskilled  *****
Events (Karrieremessen, …) any  *
Correspondence via email, written and by telefone (Hotline)
Office Clercs  ****
Diagnostics, Accessment Psychologists  ***
Statistics Mathematicians,  IT Experts  *****
Project Management Economic Skills  ****
Onboarding, Contract Management Solicitors  **


Diese Anforderungen zu erfüllen erfordert Teams von Spezialisten, die sich auf ihr jeweiliges Thema konzentrieren und das Gesamtziel – erfolgreiches und nachhaltiges Recruitment - sicherstellen. Doch welche HR-Abteilung oder aktuell mit dem Recruitment beauftragten Personen in Unternehmen können auf ein solches Know-How, freie Kapazitäten und ein so breites Technik-Portfolio zugreifen?

Status now

Meeting these requirements requires teams of specialists who focus on their respective subject and ensure the overall goal - successful and sustainable recruitment. But which HR department or current recruiting personnel in companies can access such know-how, free capacities and such a broad technology portfolio?

Sector qualification, limited time resources, high expectations of the specialist departments and the complexity of the tasks lead to extreme stress, which results in pressure and dissatisfaction due to dwindling success.

Consequence - Solution approach

What if the recruiter were to redefine himself as an "HR project manager" and largely get rid of operational tasks? If he coordinates a team that acts competently in the respective areas and provides the necessary time capacities?

Scaling effects, based on synergies through specialization and high case numbers, have been proven to lead to successful appointments. In addition, the recruitment costs in relation to the individual staffing are reduced in the calculatory analysis.

Do "masses of specialists" have to be hired again for this?

No, that's not necessary! An interdisciplinary, well-rehearsed external RPO team equipped with the latest technology takes over sub-areas or the entire process quickly and competently (>15 employees). The former recruiter is now the "HR project manager" and occupies the interface internally (department, department, management) and externally (RPO team). His personal performance and the success in filling the position increase significantly with the external RPO team at his side. There is no individual stress due to excessive demands

Falling recruitment needs - what happens then?

No problem. The provision of resources by an external RPO team is highly volatile. If the services are not used, the costs are reduced to a minimum. This is much more flexible than a necessary reduction of the core workforce in the event of an economic downturn.


Accept natural fluctuation in your own (HR) recruitment department and supplement the tasks that become vacant with an RPO team. This creates productivity, can be adapted in every direction in the event of (cyclical) fluctuations and demonstrably reduces costs in relation to the individual hiring.

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picture source: © Rudolpho Duba / pixelio.de