Does anyone still remember that the job markets of the newspapers, e.g. the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ, had supplement volumes and listed pages of expensive job advertisements?

Job advertisements were THE sources of income for newspapers. When the online job markets gained a foothold, especially Stepstone, Jobpilot (now Monster) and, the earnings model quickly came to an end. Even today, publishers and media groups still suffer when searching for alternative sources of income.

The next revolution on the job market is in full swing!

Today we are seeing the same fate for online job markets. New online job markets are emerging like flies, nibbling their share of the advertising cake of companies advertising jobs or bringing vacancies online free of charge to operate alternative revenue models.

The "established" market participants feel, as newspapers did in the past, the loss of revenue and shrinking revenues. It is already the case today that most paid online job exchanges supplement their sold ads by adding job ads that have not been paid for. Their calculation is as follows: Only a large number of vacancies attract applicants to their own platform, which is why they are written off and taken on what they have to offer. These include Indeed, Kimeta, Monster, Baustellen24, most local newspaper online job portals and many more.

Quotes from the market leaders make you sit up and take notice:

Classical job exchanges are dead" or "The pinboard for job offers has had its day".

These statements do not come from anyone, but from Dr. Sebastian Dettmers, Managing Director of Stepstone Deutschland GmbH.


What does this mean for recruitment?

It is important to reach potential candidates with job descriptions on all channels, i.e. a presence on

  • the maximum amount of job exchanges,
  • all websites that use potential candidates such as social networks, news portals and forums
  • as well as on "Special Interest" pages for special candidate target groups.

On closer analysis, the mix is strongly reminiscent of marketing websites to reach target groups. This brings us directly to the topic of "SEO Search Engine Optimizing". SEO is the science, art or craft of bringing optimized content (website content) to interested readers by appearing at the top of Google, Bing & Co. for so-called keywords.

Since an online job advertisement is nothing more than a website with text and sometimes images, a job advertisement can be "SEO-treated", i.e. optimized and distributed just like any other website. More and more specialized agencies (e.g. FEL GmbH) take advantage of this and optimize their job advertisements according to SEO criteria, which is technically possible.

The (recruiting) success proves them right. Since costs for job advertisements are largely eliminated (see above), attention is paid to the optimization of job advertisements and their viral distribution.

Classic recruiters in companies are usually overwhelmed by this. As long as they don't quickly train themselves in IT technology, learn SEO optimization from scratch and master tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools or Piwik in everyday life, they are dependent on outside help.


The new "post - SEO task distribution" in recruiting ...

... can therefore only be that job marketing is completely in the hands of IT specialists with a focus on personnel recruitment. The established personnel officer and recruiter in the company will concentrate in future on personnel selection, i.e. the identification of the right candidates for the company that the IT service provider has reached with its technology and know-how and placed in the database.

There will be no more job exchanges in ten years. There will be high-tech HR service providers who are successfully able to quickly bring companies together with suitable candidates.

Quote from Dr. Sebastian Dettmers, Stepstone Deutschland GmbH, Source s.o.

The reality reflects the fact that "RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing" is rolling up the market in this point and will establish itself.
Since 2014, FEL GmbH has concentrated exclusively on RPO Recruitment Outsourcing.