How long has it been discussed when Google for Jobs will start in Germany?

Now it's clear that Google for Jobs Germany is here! Currently, only a limited number of users in Germany are allowed to use it, but access for all is probably only a question of (shorter) time.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs presents jobs as a service on the first results page of the search for job ads in a separate, prominently featured window. The most recent and relevant job advertisement according to the search criteria appears at the top.

If you click on the job link, the content in text form and, if applicable, functions (buttons) for the application or the original content (original URL) appear in a detail window on the right.

The presentation contents are strictly measured by the "Schema-tags", a format definition that must be attached to an online job advertisement for Google for Jobs. At this point it is emphasized that the job advertisements, which do not have these characteristics, hardly have a chance on representation. "Non-tagged job ads" thus become almost invisible, and we estimate that they account for around 90% of all job ads published by companies on their own career websites.

Actual Example

What does this mean for companies?

Various studies found that more than 75% of job seekers start a job search via the input field of the Google search mask. So far one found on the first result side almost exclusively "bought places for vacancies" of the job stock exchanges, hierarchically descending after invested money. The following procedure was that the job seeker continued his search on the portal of the most interesting job exchange.

Until now, it was hardly possible to be found with a single job via the organic search. With Google for Jobs this is now a reality, provided that the job advertisements are technically suitable or you use distribution channels that take the work off your hands.

Google itself offers a good opportunity to check your job advertisements for suitability for Google for Jobs online. At you will find detailed instructions on how job ads should be technically set up in order to be found by Google Search. The test tool for structured data, also provided by Google, checks the technical quality of the job advertisements:

The bottom line

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for the top dogs StepStone, Indeed, and Monster to reach economically difficult waters. If companies notice that they can significantly increase the reach of their job ads with Google for Jobs (jobs on result page 1!) and at the same time save on paid job ads by running "intelligent job ads" on their own career page, it will be tight for paid job boards.
Even more important will be to check that the Google Indexer visits from time to time to take over the vacancies. Keywords for the Google Indexer in this context are robots.txt, sitemap.xml, follow, index and many more.

Recruiters now have to deal very deeply with (programming) technology or leave job marketing to experts who come from the computer scientist camp.

Since 2014, FEL GmbH has concentrated exclusively on RPO Recruitment - Outsourcing, in which technical aspects have a high priority. Our online marketing department deals with all aspects of job distribution in order to achieve an optimal reach/cost ratio. We are happy to support you with our know-how and services.