What are Social Bots?

To answer this question, you first have to know and understand what a bot is. 

A bot (robot) is a computer program that performs repetitive tasks largely automatically, without having to rely on interaction with a human user. (Source: see Wikipedia)


A "social bot" is therefore a computer program that automatically copies content from A to B, from a source such as a job ad into a social media environment like Twitter, Gogle+, LinkedIn, etc., and then copies it to a web page.

The meaning of social bots in recruiting

It is advantageous if job advertisements are found as frequently as possible on the net, i.e. on as many job exchanges as possible. Each copy of the job advertisement placed on the net increases the number of "backlinks", i.e. references to the original job advertisement on the homepage (career website). According to current opinion, experts assume that this will improve the visibility, i.e. the ranking of the job advertisement on Google. Why is this so? Google assumes that websites to which many sources refer (e.g. the career website) or frequently mentioned content that is widely disseminated are particularly relevant.

To put it simply: Every backlink pushes a job advertisement in Google's search results a little higher. The rule here is: the higher, the better!

Social bots can do this automatically, virtually free of charge and reliably!

At this point, an SEO professional would probably want to object and discuss details in more detail, but for reasons of simplification we will leave it at that.

What is the requirement to use a social bot for the distribution of job advertisements?

A social bot needs a source and one or more goals!

A source can be an RSS feed (example), which is directed to targets, e.g. Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Co. (example: Twitter). According to a schedule and a few other parameters to be set (new position, time, number of copies, etc.), a social bot distributes the content from the source to the social networks. Once set up, there is no need for a recruiter or programmer to do anything about it.

In other words. A program (script) makes all job advertisements of the own career website available in an RSS format, in order to copy them then on existing accounts of the own enterprise by means of a Social Bots. For example, the job advertisements are displayed in the FEL Twitter account and in the FEL company accounts on Google+ and LinkedIn. At the respective target platforms, viewers (followers, potential applicants, multipliers, ...) can perceive, read and, if necessary, forward the job advertisement.

What does it cost?

The costs are extremely low. They result from the one-time creation of the program (Bots), which provides a RSS feed. This is generated from an application management system e.g. via XML stream. In addition, the basic version requires a free social bot program (e.g. dlvrit.com) as well as company accounts on the target platforms at LinkedIn, Twitter & Co.

You also want this and wish support?

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