Sustainable Recruiting


  • that you always use suitable recruiting methods.
  • You always reach the right candidates.
  • Candidates like to apply for a job because they know and appreciate your company.
  • You win the best candidates for your company.
  • You belong to the top league of employers in your industry and company size.

How do you get into the top league of employers?

Requirements for "sustainable recruiting" are

  • Good job advertisements
  • Clear formulation, clear texts and images, mobile optimized, active elements (e.g. distribution function), various application options (online, e-mail, OneClick)
  • Clear search strategy
    What methods? Where to shift? How to spread? Involve who? Avoidance of wastage.
  • A career website that deserves its name, transports the good employer brand and shows that it is worth working for the company
  • Appreciative communication with applicants
    Acceptance, interim notifications, cancellations, invitations, data access/ sovereignty always with the applicant, also important: data protection!

If one of these four areas is disturbed, then a recruitment success is a matter of luck and often also endangers the reputation of the company.

Where is your recruitment??

We will help you determine your current position and implement every single detail in order to place your company in the top league of employers; guaranteed!