Sustainable Recruiting includes the following components:

  • Good job posting
  • Clear formulation, mobile optimized, distribution function, application options (online, email)
  • Search strategy
  • What methods? Where to shift? How to spread? Involve who?
  • Clear career website that deserves its name, which transports the EmployerBrand and shows that it is worthwhile to work for the company
  • Appreciative communication with applicants
    Acceptance, intermediate notifications, cancellations, invitations, data access / sovereignty always with the applicant!

If one of these four points is disturbed, then a recruitment success is a matter of luck and often also endangers the reputation of the company.

Put yourself in the position of the applicant:

  • You do not find the advertisement and do not receive a suggestion, although the position would be perfect for you.
  • You will not receive a confirmation of receipt, although the career website emphasizes the positive interaction with people.
  • After six weeks, you will receive a rejection for a position for which you have not applied at all.
  • You will not receive an acknowledgement of receipt for your application. If you call four weeks later, your application will not be found.
  • You want to apply online and come across countless fields on a multi-page application form. Shortly before the end of the procedure, your computer crashes and you have to start all over again.

The above examples are real and occur every day. Depending on the applicant's temperament and degree of suffering, a company may have to expect people to make negative comments elsewhere about the company with which they have had this experience.

 Our suggestion for sustainable recruitment:

Learn from the best!

There are good examples of companies with good and sustainable recruitment. We will be happy to show you examples of best practice and accompany you in catching up with the best and solving your recruiting problem sustainably.