Stepstone, Monster, Job Fair, Kimeta, Indeed, DV jobs, .... There are countless job exchanges on the Internet. Which one is the right one for your ads?

Hard to say! Fact is: The more job boards publish your ad, the more candidates read your ad. Multiposting takes advantage of the fact that many job boards supplement their job base from other sources to offer candidates a wider range of jobs.


How it works

Job advertisements are marketed through SEO recruitment by SEO specialists. We rely on "keywords", "social bots", "RSS feeds" and "viral distribution" and competent partners. Dozens of job exchanges produce "backlinks" to Google. Via "Google-Analytics" and "Matomo" the click numbers are controlled and permanently optimized by SEO specialists.



  • Much wider dissemination of job advertisements
  • Multiple refresh to increase visibility
  • More visits to your job advertisement
  • Control of the effectiveness (accesses, views, conversions)
  • Ongoing optimization of keywords
  • Higher ranking/visibility on Google
  • Professional application handling included! (acceptance/interim decisions, rejections)
  • Online access to applications 24/7


What makes us special?

We manage a system for the dissemination of job advertisements, which has integrated interfaces to the popular job exchanges. In this system, the ads are supplemented by meta- and structured data (e.g. for Google for Jobs) in order to allow a maximum (viral) distribution. Thus "our ads" make it onto more job boards and achieve a wider distribution.

Our system also has universal interfaces (XML, rss, atom, ...) allowing additional distribution. Furthermore we realize landing pages (, career websites ( and additionally distribute the ads virally via social media channels using bots.

We use bots to provoke regular scans of e.g. our XML feeds by external crawlers (Google, Bing, indeed, ...) in order to make them aware of "our job ads" and to further increase the distribution of the ads.

We measure the success of the distribution with the platform Kaizen Analytics developed in-house. A coworking project with the Kiel University of Applied Sciences was the first step. We can identify where each actively published job ad is located at any time and thus measure its reach.

Our HR4YOU system can be linked with other application management systems by a click. This way we ensure the distribution of the advertisements and the applicants apply to any system of our customers. There we process the applications with provided accesses, often side by side with the colleagues on site.

We are platform independent. This applies to the application management and advertisement system used as well as to the job exchanges on which the job advertisements are published. In this way, we always implement the optimal solution for distribution and avoid platform, manufacturer or operator conflicts of interest.