FEL combines active and passive methods of recruitment to a smart and most efficient recruitment mix.



In case of staff shortage or personnel requirement, MultiPosting is the ideal (first) step to take.

Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilder, StepStone … When it comes to job sites on the internet, the list goes on and on. Recruiters agree that posting your listing on the right job board is a key component of any recruiting strategy.
Actually finding the website that is best suited for your employment ad and thus finding potential hires can be difficult. However, the more job boards your ad publish, the more candidates will stumble upon and read it. Our so-called MultiPosting – which means posting the ad on multiple job sites – is taking advantage of the fact that many job boards actually fill their database of job listings by taking the listings from yet other job sites. It’s like a "give and take" crawling process and ensures that candidates are provided with a bigger number of job choices.
Knowing how to use these sites can speed up the finding process for your next hire – we at FEL make sure you are truly getting the best fit for your company.

How it works

SEO experts distribute the job ad via a number of different channels while using keywords, social-bots, RSS feeds and viral spreading. Dozens of job boards create backlinks to Google. Via Google Analytics and a tracking tool called PIWIk, clicks are constantly monitored and optimized by our SEO experts.


  • Increased spreading and larger display of job ads
  • Repeated „refresh“ of job postings to increase the visibility of your ad
  • More clicks on your ad
  • Constant monitoring to ensure efficiency (Hits, visits, conversions)
  • Constant keyword optimization
  • A higher ranking/improved visibility on Google
  • Professional applicant management included (admission, intermediate replies, rejection letters)
  • 24/7 Online access to applications

Active Sourcing

Active Sourcing increases the actual reach of job ads.

Another strength within our performance portfolio, Active Sourcing means the direct approach of candidates and represents the core of every headhunting campaign. FEL recommends Active Sourcing when your job ad, albeit being distributed properly, doesn‘t seem to generate the desired response among candidates, resulting in a lack of applications. We also advise our clients to book Active Sourcing in case of a „hidden“ or discreet search.

How it works

Experienced recruiters selectively contact suitable candicates in social media networks and via CV databases. Through our proactive approach and well-established networking connections, we are able to find the best talent for your open position.


  • Cost-effective and increased success of your advertising campaigns
  • Low distribution loss and little waste coverage
  • Direct feedback concerning the impact of your advertisement
  • Transparent and detailed documentation, list of names included

Employee referrals

More than 50% of all hires within companies are completed due to employee referrals and recommendations!

Recommendation marketing within businesses is highly effective, saves both time and money and speeds up the successful finding process for your next hire. In fact, candidates who were hired due to personal employee referrals generally tend to stay longer at the company – compared to an outside candidate.

How it works

In consultation with you, FEL adds appropriate features and functionalities to your ad (also within the framework of MultiPosting) and/or arranges the implementation of a special software for a bonus recommendation system.


  • Cost-saving and economical hiring method
  • Very low distribution loss and little waste coverage
  • Recommended candidates stay longer

What else is there?

Employer branding, career websites, career fairs, Big Data, Google AdWords, corporate recruiting videos … There are many more hiring methods for finding the best new addition to your team.

We will be delighted to advise you and provide assistance throughout the entire process.