Around 25 percent of all employees actively look for a new job and use one of the numerous job boards to do so. For most employers, posting job ads on job boards such as Stepstone,, Indeed or Monster is still the first and sometimes only way to attract candidates. This is the right way to go, and it is still the way to go; but there is more you can do with social recruiting. ...

Approximately half of the potential candidate pool, comprising almost 50% of employees, are not actively seeking employment opportunities. Nevertheless, they exhibit a general inclination towards job transitions to pursue fresh challenges or advance their career prospects.

To engage with such "latently searching" candidates effectively and efficiently requires leveraging social recruiting strategies. This involves harnessing popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to target this demographic group by tapping into diverse attributes including interests, location and age demographics. Social recruitment has been found to yield up to three times more prospective applicants than traditional methods for talent acquisition.

The advantages are obvious

  1. Up to 3x more potential candidates are targeted.
  2. With the use of data from social networks, individual target groups are identified and addressed very precisely.
  3. Valuable insights are generated, e.g. who is actually interested in the position.
  4. The budget is canalized in a focused and needs-based manner.

Is Social Recruiting relevant for your recruitment needs?

Advertising on social media offers numerous advantages across all industries and for every occupational group. It is an ideal addition to advertising on job boards and ideal for employers who like to communicate transparently and who want to offer their employees exciting challenges.

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