What distinguishes Top Performer?

  • They are solution-oriented and highly self-motivated.
  • They can organize yourself very well and think strategically.
  • They can express yourself very well and accept tasks.
  • They work with passion, they like teamwork and encourage colleagues.

In short: Top performers are the employees that every company seeks and needs!


How to reach top performers?

  • Nearly every top performer actively shapes his or her career, i.e. regularly informs himself or herself about suitable positions.
  • The majority of top performers look at job exchanges on the Internet.
  • The majority of top performers can be offered suitable jobs via notification services (job alerts).
  • Many top performers inform themselves about a company on the career websites of employers.
  • Only a few top performers use the support of personnel consultants for the next step.

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What does this mean for your company?

You should be permanently online with your own job advertisements (also and especially proactive) and advertise your company for top performers with an attractive career website. Ideally, you will already know your ideal employees before a position becomes vacant and only need to call the candidate.

We will be happy to explain to you how this is implemented in practice.