How long has it been discussed when Google for Jobs will start in Germany?

Now it's clear that Google for Jobs Germany is here! Currently, only a limited number of users in Germany are allowed to use it, but access for all is probably only a question of (shorter) time.

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Sustainable Recruiting


  • that you always use suitable recruiting methods.
  • You always reach the right candidates.
  • Candidates like to apply for a job because they know and appreciate your company.
  • You win the best candidates for your company.
  • You belong to the top league of employers in your industry and company size.
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What are Social Bots?

To answer this question, you first have to know and understand what a bot is. 

A bot (robot) is a computer program that performs repetitive tasks largely automatically, without having to rely on interaction with a human user. (Source: see Wikipedia)

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Career portal, online job exchange and applicant management

Every company participating in the market has a web presence. Often, however, there is a lack of guidance on the websites of potential candidates who are surfing past in search of a new job. Career pages are often not optimally maintained or even not available. Many websites do not offer the information and the functionalities to inspire for an application.

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Which company does not know that?
Personnel search consumes time and money

  • for the selection of suitable search paths, e.g. job exchanges
  • processing of incoming applications
  • selection of the right applicants
  • as well as for cancellations of unsuccessful applicants
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or "How do applicants feel the company is treating him?"

Companies rightly expect applicants to submit a professional, error-free application when they respond to job advertisements. Every personel officer has already received applications that suggest that the candidate is not the one the employer wanted and wanted to be represented by.

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