Between Outsourcing and Managed Service Outsourcing.

For several decades now, the business world has been experiencing repeated economic cycles of outsourcing, i.e. the outsourcing of individual tasks, processes or structures of a company to external service providers. The reasons for outsourcing can vary greatly and are closely linked to the individual needs of the company and the general economic conditions.

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What distinguishes Top Performer?

  • They are solution-oriented and highly self-motivated.
  • They can organize yourself very well and think strategically.
  • They can express yourself very well and accept tasks.
  • They work with passion, they like teamwork and encourage colleagues.

In short: Top performers are the employees that every company seeks and needs!

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Sustainable Recruiting includes the following components:

  • Good job posting
  • Clear formulation, mobile optimized, distribution function, application options (online, email)
  • Search strategy
  • What methods? Where to shift? How to spread? Involve who?
  • Clear career website that deserves its name, which transports the EmployerBrand and shows that it is worthwhile to work for the company
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