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HR Management in the public sector

A survey of 74 authorities from the city administration to federal authorities has examined the areas of personnel planning, recruitment and development. The current status quo at the time of the survey (2016) as well as the trends were scrutinized.
Read the summary below as an "executive summary" or request the entire study.

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How much does Recruiting cost?

This question probably occupies everyone who is engaged in the search for personnel. From a RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner perspective, we want to use this analysis to create transparency that is often unknown in companies. This is not just because recruiter usually does not wish to show their hand.

Even corporate personals often can not (or do not want to) give specific details about what it costs to fill a job, campaign, or overall recruitment in the organization. If these data are not meticulously worked out, all other expense assumptions are based on estimates. This is a very bad condition to measure progress and improvements.

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SEO Recruitment

Does anyone still remember that the job markets of the newspapers, e.g. the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ, had supplement volumes and listed pages of expensive job advertisements?

Job advertisements were THE sources of income for newspapers. When the online job markets gained a foothold, especially Stepstone, Jobpilot (now Monster) and, the earnings model quickly came to an end. Even today, publishers and media groups still suffer when searching for alternative sources of income.

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Google for Jobs is launched

How long has it been discussed when Google for Jobs will start in Germany?

Now it's clear that Google for Jobs Germany is here! Currently, only a limited number of users in Germany are allowed to use it, but access for all is probably only a question of (shorter) time.

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Checklist for "Sustainable Recruiting"

Sustainable Recruiting


  • that you always use suitable recruiting methods.
  • You always reach the right candidates.
  • Candidates like to apply for a job because they know and appreciate your company.
  • You win the best candidates for your company.
  • You belong to the top league of employers in your industry and company size.
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Social Bots in recruiting

What are Social Bots?

To answer this question, you first have to know and understand what a bot is. 

A bot (robot) is a computer program that performs repetitive tasks largely automatically, without having to rely on interaction with a human user. (Source: see Wikipedia)

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